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SRS Solder Recovery System

Hi-Tech would like to introduce you to the newly purchased SRS Solder Recovery System. Since Hi-Tech was opened over 30 years ago we make it our part to keep our machinery updated to today's latest technology. With the SRS system Hi-Tech can keep our low cost of manufacturing down by not wasting process materials but recycling them.

SRS Solder Recovery System

The SRS system:

  • Recovers 50-70% pure solder from dross
  • Saves up to 50% in solder cost
  • Reduces de-drossing time by up to 85%
  • Self-contained process reduces handling of dross
  • Uses no chemicals, additives, or toxic substances
  • ISO14001 certified helps attain & retain accreditation
  • Improves wave solder machines effectiveness by reducing shorts.
  • Less work = lower prices.

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