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SIPLACE CPP20 SMT Placement from ASM

The capabilities of the SIPLACE SpeedStar head provide the SIPLACE SX-Series with raw speed and has become Hi-Tech's chip shooter with placement up to 37,500 CPH to help meet our customer's need for the product.


The benefits of SIPLACE SX SpeedStar Placement Head

  • Maximum speed
  • Perfectly balanced lines through the SiplacePro Desk software
  • Placement range of 01005-6x6mm
  • No time-wasting nozzle changes and line reconfigurations
  • Up to 37.5k parts per hour with the option to add an additional ganty that will place an additional 37.5k per hour making a single machine capable of up to 75k cph.

Simplify and accelerate your setup processes! The intelligent SIPLACEX-feeders can be switched out without having to stop the line. LEDs signal each feeder‘s status: “In use”, “Waiting for components” or “Removable”. The bottom line: significantly more uptime in high-mix production environments.

The digital SIPLACE vision system identities components by color and shape with exceptional reliability and speed. Vision dumps make it easier to analyze rejects and component faults. New components can be specified in seconds.

A scan of the (empty or populated) circuit board is used for simulating the placement program. Errors are highlighted immediately (offsets, missing components, pin and ball positions, polarities, etc.). This offline simulation eliminates the need for cumbersome adhesive-film tests that waste valuable production time.

SMD machine placing electronic components

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