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SCS 5 Axis Conformal Coater

The SCS Precisioncoat spray and dispense system precisely applies 100%
solids, solvent-based and water-based coatings, such as photoresists,
acrylics, urethanes, epoxies, silicone, adhesives, RTVs, and solder masks,
to virtually any surface or substrate.

Axis Conformal Coater

Common Coating Applications include:

  • Circuit board assembles
  • Semiconductors
  • Fuel Cells
  • Gasketing
  • MEMS
  • Wafers
  • Photovoltaic arrays

The SCS Standard Configuration

The SCS standard configuration applies coatings with a three-axis system with an accuracy of 0.001 inches. Fourth and fifth axes were added for tilt and rotate functionality. Optional features added include programmable fiducial recognition, needle calibration, low-level alarms, 2 part adhesive cartridge dispense, and barcode reader capability.

Programmable atomization pressure and programmable coating pot pressure were also included to maximize repeatability and process control to meet any production requirements.


  • Minimum substrate size 2 x 2 in / 5.08 x 5.08 cm
  • Maximum substrate size 20 x 20 in / 50.8 x 50.8 cm
  • Maximum substrate height 4 in / 10.2 cm above and below pass line
SCS Precisioncoat Spray & Dispense Coating System spraying conformal coating onto PCB board.

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