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Schleuniger EcoStrip 9380 Belt Version

Schleuniger EcoStrip 9380 Belt Version

Cut to length

Wire marking

Multi-layer stripping


Full or partial strip left and right

Jacket stripping of multi-conductor cables

Multi-step stripping


Cable Discrete Wire
Duplex Glass Optical Fiber Flat Cable
Flat Ribbon Cable Jacketed Flat Cable
RubberSingle Wire
Solid Wire Stranded Wire
Teflon® Tubes + Pipes
WireWire with Special Insolation
Raw Material DiameterMaximum 8 .0 mm ( 0.31”
Conduct or Cross-Section0.05 –8 mm2(10 mm2EN60228 class 5&6) | 8 A WG
Blade SetUp t o 1 x 1 2 mm (1 x 0.47”) wide
Single ConductorYes
Multi-Layer Single ConductorYes
Workpiece LengthMaximum 1 ,000,000 mm ( 39,370”)
Pull-Off LengthLeft side: 4 6 mm ( 1.81”)Right side: 1 52 mm (5.98")
Schleuniger EcoStrip 9380 Belt Version
Schleuniger Wire program software

CAYMAN is the software solution for Schleuniger's automatic cut & strip machines. The intuitive menu structure is ideal for fast and efficient programming of individual wires or entire wire lists.

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