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P-360 Pin and Tab Insertion Machine

The P-360 is designed and engineered for high-volume production, as well as being able to change-over in under 10 minutes to completely different products. With insertion rates at five per second and options to upgrade to triple simultaneous insertions pushing that number potentially to 15 insertions per second while any rotation within +/-90 degrees not affecting the speed the P-360 is able to quickly and repeatably insert pins and tabs.

P-360 Pin and Tab Insertion Machine

The benefits of

  • PCB Size 420x360mm (16.5”x14.2”)
  • Pins and tabs can be inserted at any rotation
  • Pin detection to confirm every insertion
  • Force Monitoring
  • Vision system for accuracy and repeatability
  • Ready for traceability
  • Insertion force up to 900N
  • Fully Servo Driven
P-360 Pin and Tab Insertion Machine

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