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NTG-4A PCB Depanelizing Machine

Economical production of PCBs in panel form has often put at risk at the separation stage by the "breaking" method because components and strip conductors are often damaged. To reduce bending tension during PCB separation the motorized NTG-4A, depanelizer cuts prescored panels by means of two round knives. With this two knife technology, you can separate PCBs that have traces and components right up to the scoring lines. Both knives and guiding blades can be continuously adjusted for PCB thickness.

NTG-4A PCB Depanelizing Machine
  • The variable speed and ergonomic construction of the machine enables a high output rate.
NTG-4A PCB Depanelizing Machine with no background
  • The NTG-4A enables the depaneling of PCBs which are assembled with components up to 2” in height and 16” square.

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