SMT Placement from ASM

Meet the Newest Member of Hi-Tech?s Family! SIPLACE SX 1 Automated SMT Placement from ASM

The unique capabilities of the SIPLACE MultiStar CPP head provide the SIPLACE SX-Series with maximum exibility and performance for all products and product variations. This single placement head eliminates the requirement of switching out placement heads or change congurations.

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Meet the Newest Member of Hi-Tech?s Family! SCS Precisioncoat Spray & Dispense Coating System

The SCS Precisioncoat spray and dispense system precisely applies 100% solids, solvent-based and water-based coatings, such as photoresists, acrylics, urethanes, epoxies, silicone, adhesives, RTVs, and solder masks, to virtually any surface or substrate.

The SCS standard configuration applies coatings with a three-axes system with an accuracy of 0.001 inches. Fourth and fifth axes were added for tilt and rotate functionality. Optional features added include programmable fiducial recognition, needle calibration, low level alarms, 2 part adhesive cartridge dispense and barcode reader capability.

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Meet the Newest Member of Hi-Tech?s Family! DEK Horizon 01IX Stencil Printer

With flexibility and rapid changeover capabilities, this platform is perfect for a diverse and detailed range of assembly challenges — from fast turn prototyping and short production runs to volume manufacturing at high speed. Its versatility enables easy re-deployment to handle a variety of substrate materials including PCBs, glass, ceramics and green tape. As for assembly technologies, Horizon 01iX is equally at home printing ultra-fine pitch 03015 and 0.2 mm CSP patterns or pin-in-paste features for intrusive reflow. Along with the 40 years of ingenuity that is built into every DEK printer, Hi-Tech
has invested in additional technology options to deliver the best quality and turnover rates to its customers.

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Meet the Newest Member of Hi-Tech?s Family! Pillarhouse JADE II Selective Solder

Selective Soldering is the process by which conventional leaded components are soldered onto a printed circuit board. It is often necessary to process leaded components which are in a very close
proximity to surface mounted parts. Selective Soldering offers the ability to accurately control a nozzle so that parts can be soldered without any damage to the nearest surface mount devices. In some
cases solder points as close as 1mm to the nearest surface mount component, thus offering a highly flexible and cost effective solution.

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Meet the Newest Member of Hi-Tech?s Family! Aegis Process Control Software

Hi-Tech has purchased a new manufacturing software to help bring speed, control, and visibility to its? facility and customers. The iLaunch documentation engine transforms CAD and BOM data
into interactive operator support documentation allowing for new and return processes to be done exactly the same way, or changed and displayed for any operator involved in the job to see. It enables
?templating? of documentation across every station in the route. These templates fully automate most visuals upon import of the design. Documentation supports clipboard, OLE embedding, video, multimedia, hyperlinking to secondary documents or sites, and a full complement of annotation and graphical tools.

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