Contract Electronics Manufacturing

Hi-Tech Electronics is the one-stop contract electronics manufacturing service, already serving dozens of high profile companies, with specialized machine tooling, electronic printed circuit boards, custom made enclosures, cabling runs and electro mechanical assemblies, plus much more. If you need a complete turnkey solution, or upgrades to current equipment or processes, then you will be delighted at our capabilities, which we have listed on our website. We have served aerospace industries, medical institutions, engineering firms, and the military with our electronic manufacturing services, where we also provide ongoing support. After decades in this business, we have become a trusted name, and you will be delighted to know our rates are extremely affordable too.

We offer our clients turnkey solutions where our engineers and expert technical personnel will analyze your requirements and provide you with practical, workable answers to streamline your machinery, manufacturing automations, or connectivity. No project is too large or too small for us to handle, and we will custom make ancontract electronics manufacturing service tailor made to your needs. Hi-Tech offers standard, as well as custom made products in PC boards and cabling, as well as enclosures for electronic equipment. You let us know what you want, and we will provide you with an end product that will exceed your expectations. Add the ongoing support we provide, and you will agree that there is no need to look further for your contract electronics manufacturing needs.

What is more desirable for many companies and industries to use our contract electronics manufacturing services is that we can also provide you with UL and RoHS compliant products. This means we avoid using any hazardous chemicals or materials during our manufacturing process, and as a result, your products will be a lot better accepted by the community. Hi-Tech?s North American production facility can handle any type of production. You will see we have provided a contact list, allowing clients to choose the relevant departments when they need an contract electronics manufacturing services. Cabling is our specialty, and you will see that we provide top quality solutions no matter how complicated you may consider your project to be.

After you have read about our extended contract electronics manufacturing services, we welcome your inquiry to satisfy your needs for a completed project within your specifications, deadlines and budget. If you need complete machine assemblies, cabling, or specialized tooling for your printing machinery, or automated manufacturing processes that meet and exceed OEM and ISO standards, choose Hi-Tech with confidence. Our team is dedicated to always going the extra mile, paying attention to the finest details of your project, while also making sure to provide a customer-orientated service. We can do custom cabling assembly for sound engineering, printing, factories, server connections, communications, and aerospace to name a few more examples. Coupled with custom made enclosures for electronic board assemblies and other related services makes us the leader for contract electronics manufacturing services.