Circuit Board Assembly

The electronics world is highly dependent on the foundation of every electronics item ever manufactured, the circuit board assembly. When the engineer sits down at the drawing board with an idea, he already has a good idea of how he wants his new product to look and work. He has spent years learning how each electronic component works and how it must be connected in conjunction with others to arrive at a finished product that will do the job he has in mind. The first thing that he needs to draw out is the basic circuit board assembly so that he knows where each component goes and how it will be connected to the rest.

Most engineers understand how to design the circuit board assembly and may even understand how it is constructed. This knowledge is very important, but knowing it and being able to create the circuit board itself are two different specialties altogether. The circuit board drawing must be sent out to a company that specializes in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. There are many different processes involved in creating a printed circuit board assembly after it has been designed. The first step is to take the drafted copy and create a negative image of it. This negative image is then used to set up a CNC machine that will drill each of the hundreds of tiny hole in the circuit board that will be used to solder the components into place when the time comes. After the holes are drilled the negative is used to apply a mask onto the copper surface so the connective pathways that will connect the components together will not be etched away when the circuit board assembly is sent through a special acid bath. One the excess copper has been removed the basic copper clad circuit board is sent to have a layer of solder added for the components to be soldered into place with.

At each phase of creating the printed circuit board assembly it is carefully inspected to make sure that it still meets with the original design specifications and will pass all quality tests. It is then sent back to the designer for inspection and in some cases assembly into a prototype. If you have created a printedcircuit board assembly design and need a company that can take it from concept to completed working assembly then you need the team at Hi-Tech. With more than 30 years experience in the electronics field they have a staff that is trained and dedicated to helping make sure your product goes from concept to reality.