Cable Assembly

A cable assembly is made up of a combination of wires that are terminated at the ends with various contacts and connectors to allow an electrical connection to be established between two points. Since a cable assembly is used within a variety of different applications, Hi-Tech Electronics has designed various types of cable assemblies, such as harnesses, Coil cords, DIN, Crimp, IDC, Ribbon and D-Subs, among others. Hi-Tech operates production facilities in North America and these facilities are equipped with the necessary resources to suit the needs of all of our clients in terms of developing custom assemblies, low volume-high mix and mass production. Hi-Tech is a leading cable assembly manufacturer and the services are continually offered with the assurance of the highest quality and in addition, our technical cable assembly manufacturing and design staff is able to assist industries by suggesting numerous cost-saving solutions and strategies, which do not compromise on the quality of the manufactured cable assembly. Hi-Tech is a complete service electronic manufacturer whose area of expertise lies within manufacturing cable assembly units, custom wire harnesses and custom printed circuit board assemblies, which have the ability to serve a wide and diverse range of applications.

Hi-Tech has the knowledge to satisfy all kinds of cable assembly manufacturing needs and the training and knowledge of our staff have provided us with capability of making certain that the cable assembly units are manufactured within a stipulated time frame. By working with our client’s documentation, Hi-Tech is able to produce a simple cable assembly up to and including detailed and complex wire harnesses. The primary role of the Hi-Tech , as a leading cable assembly manufacturer is to oversee the customized assembly product from the design stage up to the completion phases. Learn more about our production of cable assembly units and find out how Hi-Tech ‘s practices and facilities have allowed them to rise above their competitors. Being a leading cable assembly manufacturer, Hi-Tech understands that each cable assembly is a unique need and clients of Hi-Tech have the chance to deal with a manufacturer that is not only to produce a cable assembly of the highest quality, but clients will benefit from a partnership with a leading cable assembly manufacturer that has customized their manufacturing abilities to meet the needs of varied industries. Find out more about our production services via our website.

Hi-Tech is committed to ensuring that clients receive dedicated service regardless of their cable assembly manufacturing needs, from a simple point-to-point cable assembly or a complicated multi-termination assembly. To find out more about the capabilities of Hi-Tech and to view the top cable assembly manufacturer, take a moment to browse their website at In addition, Hi-Tech is proud to offer an industry standard cable assembly and our company has become a single source to meet all cable assembly needs, from industry foundations such as USB and SCSI, to a number of core assembly practices that are currently being introduced into the industry. More than just a cable assembly manufacturer, our North American production facilities manufacture wire harnesses and box builds.