Box Build

Hi-Tech Electronics is a complete turn-key electronic manufacturing company specializing in the manufacturing of custom electro-mechanical assemblies including custom box build cable assemblies, custom wire harnesses, and custom printed circuit board assemblies designed to the customers’ specific applications. Hi-Tech offers complete Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) to help the customer’s company focus on its core product. From box build and mechanical assemblies to printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA), to complete final assembly, Hi-Tech offers customers the ability to outsource the multitude of custom sub assemblies that their final products require. Hi-Tech offers a full range of services that allow customers’ organizations to be profitable. With manufacturing facilities located in Illinois, Hi-Tech has the domestic support, service and quality to design and manufacture thebox build product required. Hi-Tech is a Illinois-based corporation specializing in the design and manufacture of standard and custom box build cable assemblies, wire harnesses and printed circuit board assemblies.

With over thirty years in the Electronics industry, Hi-Tech has been involved in all aspects of design, manufacturing, and customer support. Hi-Tech?s skilled and professional staff understands the varied needs of its customers since the electronic manufacturing facility has had practical experience in everything from OEM to Distribution. Hi-Tech prides itself on the provision of all quality box build products and services. Hi-Tech appreciates that with every industry there is a variety of specialized box build requirements and needs. While some products will work for some applications, the box build facility realizes that there are others that require special requirements and products. Hi-Tech provides a diverse offering of box buildproducts and services that the customer’s company needs. The box build facility of Hi-Tech?s will help customers to arrive at a solution that works best. Hi-Tech is confident that it will meet the customer’s needs, whether the customer has only a vague concept of what is needed or has detailed work instructions, Hi-Tech experts will be able to work from the customer’s documentation to create custom box buildassembly solutions tailored to specific industry requirements.

Hi-Tech was created from the ground up with the committed intention of providing excellent quality products and superior services. Hi-Tech has the capability to manage the customer’s box build cable assembly projects from conception to completion, enabling the benefits of engaging a single source throughout the development process. Customers are invited to contact Hi-Tech either by telephone or via e-mail to discuss their box build assembly requirements and discover how Hi-Tech can assist with cost-effective solutions for the outsourcing of all custom box build assembly manufacturing. Hi-Tech guarantees that one of the key products it provides is its unsurpassed service and its commitment to supplying a product that meets or exceeds specification by suggesting cost saving alternatives and by delivering orders in a timely fashion. Customers requiring box build assemblies should contact Hi-Tech and off-load their assembly worries onto the experienced staff.