Mobil Industrial Robot – MIR200

Mobil Industrial Robot - MIR200

The MiR200 is an AMR – Autonomous Mobile Robot, which means there are no
tracks or wires dictating where this robot can go. The MiR200 is designed to have
a top module mounted to it for task specific jobs while remaining easily changed
for flexibility. Hi-Tech has designed a custom ESD shelving unit to ride on top of
the MiR200 for easy transportation of kits and consumables around the shop.
The MiR200 has the ability to adapt to its situation, it uses lasers, 3D cameras and ultrasound sensors.
With all of that at its’ disposal it can stop or go around any obstructions and avoid any
collisions as well as if needed use the map of the facility to find alternate paths if one is
completely blocked.
The easy UI combined with the customizable missions, dashboards, and user rights.
All of that allows us to use the robot for simple one and done kind of tasks as well as
repeatable loops along with many other features making the robot a great asset that is highly flexible.
Some specs- the MiR200 has a small footprint of 23”x 35”x13.9“ with a turning ability of 20” from
center of the unit.