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With the POWERFLOW system Ersa presents a high-performance wave soldering system with flexible soldering bath technology.

The upper and lower preheaters are well-insulated to ensures that the boards are completely heated through, even with high-mass assemblies.

Spray fluxer with intelligent spray pattern programming. Precise spray fluxer with motorized axis drive and 25 l flux tank. Complete reliability when using VOC-free or water-based flux.


The benefits of POWERFLOW

  • Motorized height adjustment of the soldering nozzle
  • Nozzle combination SMD chip wave nozzle (Pos. 1) and laminar nozzle (Pos. 2)
  • Easy operation via desktop PC or touchscreen giving you complete continuous monitoring of all relevant soldering parameters
  • Long wetting period
  • Ready for Traceability
  • Maximum conveyor speed 2.5 m/min
  • Maximum working width up to 508 mm
  • Maximum PCB top side clearanceup to 120 mm
  • 3 Convection module, max. 6 kW (controlled) Dimensions: 600 mm length each
Powerflow rack
Powerflow interface

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