Cutting Edge Tech


With the HOTFLOW 3/20 system by Ersa Hi-Tech has a taken another step forward with efficiency, reliability and performance.

The process tunnel is gas tested at the factory to guarantee the best sealing to ensure proper control over the environment for the best possible reflowing conditions. The heating and cooling systems are all insulated very well for better control and more efficient operating.


The benefits of HOTFLOW

  • Intuitive software for easy visibility and operation
  • Automatic width adjustment
  • Flux management system
  • Ersa multijet nozzles for better heat transfer
  • 7 Zones of Preheat, 3 Zones for Reflowing and 4 Zone cooling system for process control.
  • Sleep and hibernation modes that kick on automatically when applicable for better energy consumption.
  • Ready for Traceability
  • Autoprofiler software to generate programs offline with a predictive software tuned for this specific machine configuration enabling faster and more accurate NPI.
  • Maximum Working width up to 580mm with optional center support to ensure quality.
  • Maximum Height clearance top side 35mm and Bottom side 35mm
Hotflow rack open
Hotflow rack up close.

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