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INSIGNUM 4000 Laser Marker

This high-end system in the INSIGNUM series laser convinces with the highest precision and a top cycle time of fewer than 4.9 seconds for a complete marking process including handling. Thanks to an integrated flip-station the machine becomes even more efficient. The complete flip handling takes 1.5 seconds!

The INSIGNUM 4000 Laser option OPTIMAP captures several marking positions for marking and verification in one process step. The advantage is that the marking area is ideally exploited and motion is reduced.

INSIGNUM 4000 Laser Marker

The benefits of INSIGNUM 4000

  • PCB size 508 × 508mm
  • Code size 5 mil
  • RGB Lighting
  • Good/Bad sorting
  • Scan after Print
  • Integrated flip station
  • CO2 -laser
  • MES database connection
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