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Glennbrook Jewel Box 70T X-ray System

The JewelBox-70T delivers superior image quality with excellent resolution and sensitivity for laboratory and failure analysis applications. The system’s patented XRTV X-ray camera and Crystal-X imaging plus a 10-micron MicroTech™ X-ray source provide magnification from 7X to 2000X, with resolution of 100 line pairs/mm.

The ability to manipulate the subject with the five-axis positioner and simultaneously view it from any angle allows the operator to produce accurate images quickly during failure analysis.

The GTI-5000 Computer Image Processor is designed for the x-ray analysis of surface mount, BGA and PCB components. The software can provide analysis of BGA defects including bridging, voids and missing balls. In addition it can measure drill offset, wire sweep and linear distances. Images can be stored and transmitted as jpg files. Additional features include: frame averaging (for image clarity), manual and automatic contrast adjustment, edge sharpening, colorization and three dimensional syntheses.


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