KURTZ ERSA 4/55 Dual Pot Selective Solder

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The Kurtz-Ersa VersaFlow Selective Solder system is a state of the art, automatic soldering machine of German design. It is well known that German engineering and manufacturing has led to exceptional, high-quality machinery. The attention to detail in the design has allowed for a highly flexible platform. A crystal clear 24” touch screen display, crisp displays for solder nozzle viewing, and intuitive ERSASOFT 5 software gives full control at an operator’s fingertips. Offline programming is available to allow for streamline changes to live production leaving no down time for on-the-fly changes. The software also optimizes all programs automatically to use the fastest path taking each nozzle type into consideration when doing so. A 508 x 508mm conveyor system allows for a large array of panel sizes to be accepted by the machine. This allows for a wider range of industry designs to be explored. The machine is fully modular allowing for a vast amount of customization and plenty of room for future upgrades. Multiple types and levels of heating and preheating are available to target specific board designs and give the freedom to adjust for sensitive components and resilient heat dissipation planes. Having multiple solder pots achieves a faster throughput than traditional methods and other machines of its ilk. A rolling conveyor gives seamless movement through the machine and laser guiding systems stop assemblies at moment’s notice for safety and accuracy. The machine will automatically test flux spraying patterns, flux levels, solder wave patterns, exhaust levels, nitrogen, solder volume levels, and solder heights to keep the machine running as efficiently as possible and inform the operator at all times to reduce potential down time. A pneumatic driven interlock system keeps operators and spectators alike safe by stopping all machine function when a door is breached, even mid cycle. An electromagnetic solder pump keeps the machine clean and virtually maintenance free due to the lack of moving parts resulting in low dross creation and less wear points. The cameras in the machine also monitor fiducials and board warpage to provide an ideal, optimized work path to accommodate for errors in the board manufacturing ensuring good product when otherwise would be impossible. All in all, the machine is designed to be faster, cleaner, and more accurate with as little upkeep as possible saving time and money.