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KURTZ ERSA 4/55 Dual Pot Selective Solder Selective Solder

Selective Soldering is the process by which conventional leaded components are soldered onto a printed circuit board. It is often necessary to process leaded components that are in very close proximity to surface-mounted parts. Selective Soldering offers the ability to accurately control a nozzle so that parts can be soldered without any damage to the nearest surface mount devices. In some cases, solder points as close as 1mm to the nearest surface mount component, thus offering a highly flexible and cost effective solution.

Selective solder, Solder, Solder Electronics,


Selective solder, solder electronics, wave solder, solder PCB
  • Inerted Nitrogen System
  • Auto Solder Top-up (Wire Feed) & Solder Level Detect
  • Drop Jet Fluxer
  • Colour Programming Camera
  • Universally Adjustable Tooling Carrier
  • 508mm x 508mm Maximum PCB Handling Size
  • PillarCOMM Windows Software
  • Lead Capability
  • Top Side IR Pre-Heat
  • Closed Loop Thermocouple Top-Side Pre-Heat Control System
  • Auto Fiducial Recognition and Correction System
  • Solder Wave Height Measurement
  • PCB Warp Correction System
  • Pump RPM Monitoring (Not Yet Available)
  • Process Viewing Camera
  • Multilevel Password Security System
  • Flux Level Sensor
  • Drop-Jet Flux Head
  • Light Stack Tower
  • PillarPad Offline Programming Package
Selective solder, solder pot, lead-free, spot to spot solder, PCB solder, PCB soldering,

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