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DEK Horizon 01IX Stencil Printer

With flexibility and rapid changeover capabilities, this platform is perfect for a diverse and detailed range of assembly challenges -- from fast-turn prototyping and short production runs to volume manufacturing at high speed. Its versatility enables easy re-deployment to handle a variety of substrate materials including PCBs, glass, ceramics, and green tape. As for assembly technologies, Horizon 01iX is equally at home printing ultra-fine pitch 03015 and 0.2 mm CSP patterns or pin-in-paste features for intrusive reflow. Along with the 40 years of ingenuity that is built into every DEK printer, Hi-Tech has invested in additional technology options to deliver the best quality and turnover rates to its customers.


Options Include:

  • Auto Stencil Loader
  • ASM (Adjustable Stencil Mount) -- Accepts Any Size Stencils
  • Cyclone (Understencil Automatic Cleaner)
  • HawkEye 1700 plus Bridging Detection
  • Grid-Lok Automatic Board Support
  • Programmable Paste Dispenser
  • Advanced SPC Software
  • 8-Second Core Cycle Time

Key Option Overview:

Auto Stencil Loader - The stencil is driven into the platform, which dynamically searches for the stencil frame and precisely aligns it in the X-Y position to safeguard 6-Sigma accuracy and yield. ASM - The machine can quickly and accurately be set up for a wide variety of frame sizes without any adaptors, which speeds up changeover time. Cyclone- This enhanced under stencil cleaning option has a 5-stage head that cuts cleaning time in half and increases the active cleaning area. This technology also reduces fabric usage by up to 50% as compared to other under stencil cleaning systems. The cleaning head operates in two passes using fast, programmable wet and dry vacuum cycles and on-the-fly cleaning of the stencil. HawkEye 1700 plus Bridging Detection- This is a high- speed, enhanced post-print verification yield improvement tool designed to verify 100% of paste deposits on the printed board at the line beat rate. To maximize throughput, the technology offers a larger eld of view for faster capture of the vision data in one process operation. HawkEye is also used for fiducial recognition and alignment. The exibility of the tool gives users a choice to either increase throughput rates by faster verification cation or select verification of critical sites on the board while maintaining throughput. Comprehensive bridging detection is carried out simultaneously to ensure the best possible print and highest yield. Grid-Lok- A highly flexible tooling solution comprised of an automatic array of independent board support pins that immediately conform to the underside board topography, delivering increased throughput and yield. Instantly reconfigurable, set-up time is fast and operator-independent, taking less than 20 seconds to achieve product changeover to preserve productivity rates.

DEK Horizon 01IX Stencil Printer

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