SIPLACE SX SMT Placement from ASM

The Electrovert Aquastorm 100 is a versatile, high- performance cleaning
system designed to optimize the PCB cleaning process. The Aquastorm
100, with its setup design, is ideally suited to RMA and no-clean
flux applications that require chemistry, as well as removal of
water-soluble organic acid flux.
Lead-Free Process Ready
The importance of cleaning electronic assemblies increases dramatically with lead-free soldering. Higher temperatures are required in lead-free
soldering, and wetting is much more difficult. To improve ‘wettability’, the flux compositions may require higher activation. High-solid flux
formulations commonly leave more undesirable residue and require cleaning. A successful cleaning system must be able to handle the harsh
demands of the lead-free process. The Aquastorm’s unique technologies, such as the patented Hurricane Jet™ and JIC nozzles, provide
unmatched impact force to penetrate under and around components and clean even the most challenging flux residues.
Cleaning Technology
Functional sections of a cleaner are designed to accomplish different tasks
in removing contamination. Some sections maximize flooding, while others
maximize impact force for cleaning tight spaces. The Aquastorm uses
proprietary pump and nozzle technology throughout the system to optimize
performance. The Aquastorm’s appropriately sized modules and strategic
manifold placement increase throughput while ensuring thorough removal of contaminants. The Aquastorm features perforated rails, curtain
containment, and a cabinet designed to manage wash solution within the system for maximum conservation of costly chemistries. The wet
chemical isolation module is powered by the recirculating rinse pump to ensure optimal prerinsing and to facilitate closed-loop recycling of
the rinse section. Even the exhaust is separated between the wash and rinse modules to minimize chemical migration through the system.
Wash Cycle ThreeWash Cycle One Wash Cycle Two Torrid Dry Section 5 Micron Inline Filter
Advanced User Interface
The Aquastorm 100 is configured with a Windows®-based operating system that features process monitoring, data logging and product
traceability via the system software. The system is easily networked for downloading of recipes and remote access to operating data.
Quick and easy viewing of system pressures, water levels, pump and blower operation, temperature, and fill/drain operation, data logging,
traceability and barcode capability