We invest in the smartest, most efficient, and latest tech.

    Up to 50k parts per hour

    100% uptime with X-feeders

    Perfect component recognition

    SIPLACE SX 1 SMT circuit board assembly

    The unique capabilities of the SIPLACE MultiStar CPP head provide the SIPLACE SX-Series with maximum flexibility and performance for all products and product variations. This single placement head eliminates the requirement of switching out placement heads or change configuration.

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      DEX Horizon 01iXAuto screen printer with vision
      PRINTEK IIFull automation screen printer with vision
      ASSEMBLEON EMERALDHigh speed flexible Component placer, 10mil with BGA,QFN,
      ASSEMBLEON MG-5High speed flexible Component placer, 10mil with BGA,QFN
      ASM SX2SMT Component placement solution for high-mix electronics production
      Ersa Hotflow 320-HWave with top/bottom 10 heat zones/ 4 cool zones Reflow Oven

      Through Hole

      PILLARHOUSE OrissaHigh speed / precision selective solder
      PILLARHOUSE JADE MKIIHigh speed selective solder
      TE P-360 Tab InserterHigh speed press fit tab inserter
      UNIVERSAL #6241FHigh Speed Axial Inserter
      UNIVERSAL #6380XTRadial 8XT Inserter with board error correction
      Ersa PowerFlow AirSolder wave with top/bottom convection heaters
      3-APSRadial lead cutter
      APSLarge axial lead form and bend machine
      2-HEPCO MODEL 1500-1Loose radial fed formers
      2-HEPCO MODEL 1700-2Radial taped component former


      Schleuniger 9380Cut and strip wire machine
      Schleuniger 5200 CoaxstripPrecision coax strip machine
      CARPENTER #74CCoax swing blade cut and strip machine
      EUBANKS #4700Automatic wire cut and strip machine

      Quality and Test

      3-GRIEVESCircuit board baking oven
      MANTIS #TS-4Stereo dynascope 65x mag
      ECD Reflow Profiler OPTIMIZERReflow profile verification tool
      MV-3 AOI SYSTEMAutomated Optical Inspection
      MV-6 3D AOI System3D Automated Optical Inspection
      Glenbrook X-RayJewel box 70T 2000X diopler
      X-Pac ASG-SD2500X-Pac ASG-SD2500

      Supporting Tools

      ASYS Insignum 4000Precision PCB laser marker
      SRSSolder recycle system
      Dispensing Liquid 2 part epoxy dispenserDispense any type of 2 part material with precision amounts
      NTG-4AHigh speed depanelizer
      BRANSON 8400 ULTRASONIC WELDERHigh speed 8 Position rotary table welder
      Electrovert AS 100 CIDual Hurricane Jet, S Jet & JIC/V Jet Wash, Chemical Isolation, 5 micron Filters with Torrid zone dry
      5-EFDMask and glue dispensers
      LOCTITIE PRECISION CA DISPENSERPrecision CA glue dispenser dispensers
      5-USMEye letting machines
      RFPlastic welder

      Supporting Software

      Max/ERPTracking and inventory software
      Aegis SoftwarePaperless process control software and tracking
      PROTEL & AltiumPCB layout software
      ASCI II Converter AegisConverter Quality Control software

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