Please use the PDF documents below as Solder, Cleaner, & Flux resources.

PCB / Stencil / Misprint:

Kyzen Aquanox A4626

Next Generation Aqueous Cleaning Solution

Kyzen Cybersolv 141-X

Precision cleaner blend of organic solovents

Kyzen E563-J

Ready-to-use solution for
removing raw solder paste from stencils

Kyzen Cybersolv C8882

Understencil Wipe/Stencil Cleaning Solvent

Hand Solder:

Alpha Tele Core No-clean Wire Solder

A low residue core solder designed for no-clean soldering applications that must meet all appropriate Bellcore specifications.

Solder Flux:

Alpha EF-2210 VOC Free No-Clean Flux

Alpha EF-2210 is VOC-Free, halide-free, rosin/resin-free, low solids no-clean flux which provides the highest activity of any VOC-free Bellcore SIR compliant flux for defect-free soldering.

Alpha EF-8000 Flux

ALPHA EF-8000 is a rosin-containing flux designed to provide the attributes of excellent solderability and reliability in general and high-density boards in the  eutectic tin/lead processes.

Alpha OM-338 Paste Flux

No-Clean flux used in the placement and reflow of lead-free solder processes

Wave Solder:

Alpha SacX 307 Wave Bar Solder

ALPHA Vaculoy SACX0307 is an alloy suitable for use as a replacement for Sn63 alloy in the wave solder process.

Alpha Hi-Flo Leaded Wave Bar Solder

HiFlo solder is manufactured with virgin metals process through Alpha's proprietary viscosity and dross lowering treatments which create the purest, lowest drossing, highest fluidity solder.


Alpha NC1 SMT Lead Paste

Cookson Electronics Assembly Material’s ALPHA OM-5100, is a low residue, no-clean solder paste designed to maximize SMT line yields.

Alpha OM-338T- No-Clean Paste

ALPHA OM-338-T is a no-clean solder paste designed for a broad range of applications.

Alpha EP-7275 SMT Glue

Epibond® epoxy surface mount adhesives are formulated to meet the exacting performance and quality requirements of printed circuit board manufacturers.


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