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AOI: Automated Optical Inspection Machine

The MV-3 Desktop AOI Systems is designed to automatically inspect for manufacturing defects both pre and post-reflow. This system offers superior fault coverage and will detect defects such as component presence/absence, polarity, misalignment, insufficient solder, solder bridging, etc. The SPC software package promotes continuous process improvement by allowing the user to track and eliminate defects on inspected assemblies.

AOI: Automated Optical Inspection

The benefits of AOI with 3D capabilities.

  • Side Viewer System - Five Camera Configuration; Four (4) Side Angle Cameras in Addition to the Top Down Camera.
  • Ultra High Resolution - Each Camera Provides a Native Resolution of Two Mega Pixels (1600 x 1200).
  • Allows for Solder Joint Inspection of J-Leaded Devices, Solder Fillet Inspection, Bridge Detection and Solder balling.
  • Superior Inspection of Leaded Devices and Surface Anomalies
  • Min. Component Absence / Presence: 01005 chip component.
  • Min. Component Marking OCR: 0603 chip component.
  • Automatic Teach Tool (ATT) Software - Automatic Programming Using Centroid Data.
  • Dynamic Global Component Library - Up to 99 Alternate Images per Component.
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software (Local System Software)
  • Adjustable 18” X18” PCB Holder
  • Bar Code Reader - Optical or Gun Type
  • Remote Offline Repair System Software
Five cameras in AOI
Distortion-free image from AOI

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