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ASSEMBLEON MG-5 Pick n Place & AMS Production Software

The MG-5 is a new generation of flexible mounter that combines speed with superior performance. With a single placement beam, 5 inline Z controlled linear heads, and a new recognition system the MG-5 can achieve speeds up to 20,000 components per hour. This machine is built around a very rigid, vibration-free frame for improved stability and perfect for around the clock production.

HI-Tech has also purchased Assembléon Manufacturing Suite (AMS) which is beneficial to the complete SMT manufacturing process, from production preparation to traceability. It provides more process visibility and control.


With the comprehensive suite of modules you can:

  • Move tasks offine to allow uninterrupted manufacturing
  • Reduce changeover time and therefore increase operational effciency
  • Set up and run new and existing products
  • Eliminate setup and running errors
  • Prevent component starvation during production and keep the warehouse stocked
  • Reduce the cost of non quality
  • Comply with traceability legislation and customer requirements

Machine Specifications:

  • Maximum output per hour 20k
  • Placement accuracy> 50 micron for chips, 30 micron for QFP
  • Minimum component range (01005)
  • Maximum component range (3.94 x 1.77")
  • Maximum board size (L x W) (22.6 x 18.11")
  • Tape feeding positions 96
ASSEMBLEON MG-5 Pick n Place & AMS Production Software Machine Specifications

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