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Hi-Tech has purchased a new manufacturing software to help bring
speed, control, and visibility to its’ facility and customers.
The iLaunch documentation engine transforms CAD and BOM data
into interactive operator support documentation allowing for new
and return processes to be done exactly the same way, or changed
and displayed for any operator involved in the job to see. It enables
‘templating’ of documentation across every station in the route. These
templates fully automate most visuals upon import of the design. Documentation supports clipboard, OLE
embedding, video, multimedia, hyperlinking to secondary documents or sites, and a full complement of
annotation and graphical tools.
Beyond the documentation created using iLaunch’s CAD data, the software enables linking or embedding any
type of secondary documents such as user manuals, ISO manuals, etc. which with iView it will create a paperless
environment with all documentation at the reach of any operators ngertips instantly.
With all the documentation and instructions saved and easily accessible, the time it takes to process a job will be
shortened and each step will have detailed information both photographic and text to keep every point of the
process moving smoothly with no steps left out. Assuring the process is repeated identically for each step and
every job will help to improve quality.
There is a sign o feature on all new revisions and jobs to keep all projects checked by multiple people who have
knowledge about the project before going into production protecting quality from an individual’s error.
iMaterials in combination with iQ and iTrac will allow Hi-Tech to do a number of things for the quality of our
Customers product and allow for the tracking of a product within a few keystrokes. iMaterials will change the
material setup by controlling it with bar coding versus an operator manually checking parts o which could result
in a human error and running bad product. With the barcode setup this will also speed up the process which will
speed up the overall process. The dierent areas this can be used for is not only limited to being used for machine
verication but any hand station setup. iMaterials will take the nearly the entire verication process out of human
hands and take it to a bar coding level which in turn will decrease the error opportunity on any of our products
Trac will allow Hi-Tech to take tracking product to a whole new level. iTrac will track and control the route of a product
from start to nish and will ensure that there are no skipped steps in the process of any specic job.This is accomplished
by a barcode setup and scanning at each process to see the procedure at each point. Once scanned iTrac will check if
that is the correct route sequence for the product at the level of completion that is currently on hand, and if the level
of completion does not match the point of the process the product is at the software will not allow the operator to
access the documentation or instructions for the current step and will redirect the board to the correct process point.
iTrac will can also be used to view any jobs progress from a computer which will allow for easier and faster access to
the oors production.
iQ will allow Hi-Tech to take its quality to a higher level for all of its customers. iQ will add a new software which will
work with our AOI machine and will keep records of any defects that were caught with it. With this information it will
make “hot spots” so to speak on the board to view where mistakes were made in the past and how many errors were
caught in that area so we can record and work on old mistakes without forgetting they existed. This will allow us to
keep any trouble areas under a close eye to make sure that a problem we had in the past does not repeat itself. Also
from the information recorded with iQ graphs can be produced and shown to see progress made etc…
iQ can be used at any point in the routing unlike any other procedure so as soon as a problem occurs it can be xed
and recorded when and where the problem occurred making trouble shooting even more precise.
Fusion Analytics will allow Hi-Tech to see everything that is going on under the roof in real time. Fusion Analytics will
allow access to predetermined graphs and production numbers straight from the machines on the shop oor. This can
be accomplished by real time monitoring dash boards. These dashboards can be edited and adjusted at any time to
get a dierent report shown. The dashboards can display any information that is being tracked via iTrac iQ or iMaterials
that are recording information on the oor.
It can take data from the surface mount machines and send the information to the dashboard stating the speed at
which product is being run in real time as well as historical reports which can be compared to real time to see if
something may be wrong on the oor to slow down a process. Also Fusion Analytics can be used to retrieve any
information from the oor be it real time or past records. With that kind of information being accessible within seconds
there is no limit to our traceability.
All of the modules work in unity to control our processes, our quality, our speed, and our traceability.