The leading provider of circuit board assembly

Over 40 years of electronic design, prototyping, to full turnkey electronic production.

Electronic Design

Hi-Tech is at the ready with a team of engineers to assure all requirements and concerns are addressed for every product as efficiently as possible.

Prototype Design

Hi-Tech is ready to handle all your prototyping needs. We will turn your napkin concept into a polished, final product to be proud of.

Turnkey Production

Hi-Tech specializes in full turnkey solutions. We take your product from a bare board to a store shelf in record time. We are truly your one-stop shop.


  • ROHS: 100% lead-free facility to meet ROHS compliance.
  • The fastest, smartest, and newest equipment.
  • Every aspect of every board is recorded, down to the trace level, for full transparency, traceability, and true quality.

Up to 50k parts per hour

100% uptime with X-feeders

Perfect component recognition

SIPLACE SX 1 SMT circuit board assembly

The unique capabilities of the SIPLACE MultiStar CPP head provide the SIPLACE SX-Series with maximum flexibility and performance for all products and product variations. This single placement head eliminates the requirement of switching out placement heads or change configuration.


Every product is designed, produced, and traced to perfection.


Each product is reviewed by our team to ensure we have a fully vetted, durable foundation on which to craft your product.


We employ a vigorous quality system to ensure all products adhere to our strict protocols and provide the proper framework for your product.


Quality data is accumulated for detailed Failure Analysis, process improvement, and Corrective Action. Yield rates are charted, down to the component level, to improve all aspects of operations.


Using a combination of the Aegis FactoryLogix and MAX ERP software, Hi-Tech can provide a window into our production process at any point. Customer portals provide full transparency of your product from raw components to final packaging and anything in between; tailored specifically to your needs.

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